Identity and Access Management

Claim a UC Davis Health Active Directory Account

The following screens will guide you through identifying yourself using personal information for the purpose of claiming a newly created Health AD account that was created for you. You will be provided with your Health AD account name that is typically based on your first initial and last name, in lowercase letters. You will be able to set a password for your new account. Please record the account information for future use.

What is a Health AD account?

A Health AD account is used to log onto most computers at the UC Davis Health System as well as the Citrix Program Neighborhood and the Citrix web portal (HSAPPS). In addition, a Health AD account can be used to log onto applications such as Ecotime and Teletracking. This account is NOT used to access the electronic health record system (EMR), or the email system (Microsoft Exchange).

WARNING: This computer system is for authorized users only and is to be used only for authorized purposes. Consistent with law and university policy, system access may be logged and monitored for security and performance issues. Unauthorized use may subject the user to disciplinary action and/or prosecution.